Goldkist Free Wellness Camp
Event Venue

Time Slots are from 10 AM to 2 PM & 4PM to 10 PM
Goldkist Resort,1110 East Coast Parkway,
Near Carpark D3 ,Singapore 449880,

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Event Type: Social Service
Name: Goldkist Resort
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Event Description
Goldkist invites you for FREE WELLNESS CAMP
On : 20th & 21st August 2011 (10am to 1pm & 4pm to 10pm)

at : Goldkist Beach Resort ,1110 East Coast Parkway Car park D3,Singapore 449880

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Famous Acupuncturist
Dr Sunil Kumar MD Acu (Colombo)
Treats many dignitaries & high officials in India ,USA Canada & other countries has agreed to patronise Singapore People and offer his service to humanity .
Conditions that respond well to his treatment include:
1. Persistent Neck, Back, Knee, Spine and Hip Pain and Stiffness.
2. Persistent Foot, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Pain and Stiffness.
3. Muscle and Ligament Sprains.
4. Sports injuries and Tendonitis.
5. Generalized body aches and pains.
6. Chronic Tiredness and lack of energy.
7. Sleep difficulty and Stress.
8. Headaches and Migraine.
9. Chronic hand and feet numbness.
10. Slipped Disc, Sciatica and Nerve Pain.
11. Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.
12. Carpal tunnel syndrome.
13. Fibromyalgia and Rheumatism.
14. Bunions and Gout.
Common Misconceptions about Pain:
1. My pain is persistent. There is no cure. The only options are to depend on painkillers, injections and surgery.
2. I’ve tried rest, physiotherapy and alternative treatments and I’m still in pain. There is no remedy. I must just learn to live with it.
3. For pain due to “wear and tear”, “old age” or degeneration, nothing much can be done, while it gets progressively worse
The Importance of Treating Pain Effectively:
1. Acute pain from recent injuries and other diseases can result in time off work, difficulty with participation in sports, and interfere with other normal day activities.
2. Persistent pain from chronic injuries, wear and tear, nerve pain, and other causes often results in frustration, low energy level, poor sleep (insomnia), irritability, depressed mood, difficulty with concentration and memory, mobility problems and even reduced sexual function.
3. Relationships with friends and family, work, personal happiness and life in general may also be affected. Pain has even been associated with loss of brain mass.
4. By properly treating persistent pain, patients will be able to enjoy work, sports, and life in general more effectively.
5. Sleep will also become more restful, resulting in more energetic days and better moods.
6. More importantly, pain and its underlying cause must be properly treated to prevent it from getting worse and deteriorating to the point where surgery and other invasive treatments become necessary.

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